Winners 2014

Earth reveals the sky… Here is what the Nightscape is, this new growing trend of astrophotography that mixes photographic art and poetry. This is what the Photo Nightscape Awards is, an international photography award offer to reward and highlight this year.

 Contestants from 23 different countries.

1st prize ‘Pro’

Night at Tatio Geysers, Chile

2014 © J.M. Lecleire / PNA 

2nd prize ‘Pro’

Under the Lights, Norway

2014 © T. Eliassen / PNA

Pro Category

Raven's Nest

2014 © Adam Woodworth/PNA

Pro Category

Window on Infinity

2014 © Luc Perrot/PNA

Pro Category

Nothern Lights of the Easter Night

2014 © Janne Voutilainen/PNA

Pro Category

Color Suspension

2014 © Didier Plassard/PNA

Pro Category

A lighthouse for the Milky Way

2014 © Alexandre Croisier/PNA

Pro Category

Still Untouched

2014 © R. Bernal Andreo/PNA

Pro Category

Iridium over Annecy Lake

2014 © Philippe Jacquot/PNA

Pro Category

40 min of Ligthning on Mont Pelat

2014 © Joseph Mordelet/PNA

1st prize ‘Espoir’

Milky Way over Baobabs, Madagascar

2014 © M.T. Gouchkanlu / PNA

2nd prize ‘Espoir’

Circumpolannecy, France

2014 © P. Colas / PNA 

Espoir Category

Massive Clouds

2014 © Tiago França/PNA

Espoir Category

Troumouse Night

2014 © J.-François Graffand/PNA

Espoir Category

It's All About Reflection

2014 © William Boulay/PNA

Espoir Category

Super Moon Rise

2014 © Nicolas Charlin/PNA

Espoir Category

Heavenly Arch

2014 © Laurent Lamour/PNA

Espoir Category

Starry Dune

2014 © Mathieu Levêque/PNA

Espoir Category

Meetings after Sunset

2014 © Mohamed Laaïfat/PNA

1st prize PNA Jr '9-12'

Le Ciel Étoilé du Tourond, France

2014 © J. Gachon / PNA

 1st prize PNA Jr '13-17'

L'Arbre de Vie, France

2014 © J. Galant / PNA

The PNA ceremony during the Rencontres du Ciel et de l'Espace (RCE) at La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris - France