We wish you a Happy New Year. 

Nous vous souhaitons un très belle année.



And the winners are:

Congratulations to all photographs.

"Last year, we have registered an increasing number as participations from all over the world, revealing a growing interest from people in the relation between astronomy, the night sky and photography. With the crescent access to better and better cameras, more able to working in difficult conditions at high ISO´s, each year is easier to get good results. Although, in PNA we are not looking just for the "good", instead, we are looking for the best of the best, the “state of art” that you could reach in a final photograph, it´s not only the astronomy itself that matters, or just beautiful night visions with the natural appearance of sky, even of being indeed, a very important part of the image. It´s not only the photography technique applied to reach the final result, but it´s the feeling that you can promote when someone looks to your image and feels something deeply big inside of it, when you really can relax someone with a deep sensation of peace and joy. It´s when you can show a way that the observer is naturally forwarded to come inside of the atmosphere in the scene, loosing the perception of the moment “NOW” - the present - and start recognizing the 4th dimension of Time in Space. Start recognizing the magnificent power of nature and their beauty, the elements and details on the image that combined, can shows you how the Art can works together with - or even above - the Science! As the President Jury of PNA2016 I invite you all to admire, shoot and share your emotions with us. They are an essential part of yourself, and the Night Sky, a heritage part of our own nature as humankind."

Miguel Claro, President of PNA jury

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